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  • Find the answers you seek

    with Madame Scarlett

    Honest straight forward. I do not sugar coat and will get right to the issue. Find out what the stars have in store for you. Discover your strength and weaknesses for mastery over the decisions you face.

  • Psychic Astrologer* Predictions w/details and date

    with the psychic one

    I am a clairvoyant master love psychic.I specialize in relationships, career, the parnormal, dreams,and spiritual growth.

  • Astrology Charts for Fur Babies or Finny Friends

    with SisterStarDust

    Want to give your pet a long happy life? Let me draw their birth chart and study the transits at work in their chart so you can learn how to help them live long happy lives.

  • Profesor Paz, Cómo Ser Feliz Con Tu Pareja? Llama

    with ProfesorPaz

    Yo tengo la contestacion a todas tus preguntas y alternativas acerca de tus problemas en amor salud, problemas con tu pareja, suerte y otros... Recuerda todo tiene solucion.


    with MasterZeon

    CALL ME! I can help you get clarity for for your life.

  • Expert Psychic Reader - The TRUTH is OUT THERE!

    with Psychic Destiny of Love

    Reveals the TRUTH! Destiny of Love is here to help guide you to a better life. Practiced psychic for over 20+ years, Destiny can tell you how other people in your life will affect your future.

  • Universal Persuasions

    with Melanie 44

    Allow me to soar into the universe and render you judicial answers to your questions. No more sleepless nights and walking around aimlessly about the unknown. I can set you on the path to recovery and realization.

  • Mystic Numerology.....EMAIL NOW! Blessings All!

    with Clairvoyant Jostlyn

    Numerology, Psychic, Psychic Medium, Death, Medium, Utah Psychic, Past Lives, Love, Relationships

  • BORN to be together ,Professional Astrologer...

    with VIVAH

    I am a Divinely inspired Professional Astrologer, and Clairvoyant... I "KNOW" without knowing if you are going to be together...Just give me your DOB, and first name, and you have your answers...(25years astrologer)

  • Lifetime healer,psychic,medium

    with psychicangel1

    question first name emotional tune to you in 1 min..

  • Keen StarPsychic Rex! Your friendly Astrologer!

    with RexFrederick

    Hi! My name is Rex! I've done 35,000 readings on Keen, and am known for being accurate, fun and detailed. Your love life and career explained with real understanding and specific dates given! Read my feedback and call me!

  • Answers to questions with Astrology! Call now!

    with AstroNTarot

    All I need is your Question! Over 25 years experience as an Astrologer and I have helped many people! I can answer any question! ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR EMAIL READINGS! See button below.