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  • Let me amaze you !!

    with Love readings by Deb

    I am empathic and can tell you what your love interest is thinking and feeling. I can tell you your future and how to reach your relationship and career goals. I will astonish you with my accuracy and time frames. Call me!

  • Clairvoyant Love Advice

    with Jay Lassiter

    Tired of wrestling with life's unanswered questions? Discover the TRUTH. Over 25 years experience in discerning matters of the heart and mind. CALL NOW and bring clarity to life's most puzzling circumstances!


    with Hawk Spirit

    Hawk Spirit is a teacher of Spiritual Evolution. Her readings are intelligent, powerful, BOLD, incredibly honest and quick. My readings will help you manifest a strong powerful life and better relationships.

  • Man Management - Empath and Tarot Reader

    with Carmen miro

    Fifteen years of detailed Tarot Reading Experience and researcher and writer on Empathy. I specialize in relationship advice and decision making. Personality profiles my specialty. View New Website Below:

  • Angel Guidance Available~

    with Angelic Alicia

    hi I specialize in love tarot card readings by using my special gifts and divination, I can see the answers you seek through my spirit guides. I will have simple direct answers for you. I can also help with career & finances

  • Guidance For Your Future (English and spanish)

    with Mahuina1

    Mahuina1 was recognized as one of the best Southamerican Psychics. My spiritual mission is to help people to reach a peaceful and fulfilling space in life

  • ***Calm***Sane***FAST***Accurate***

    with The Sane Psychic

    I bring sanity to a crazy psychic world. I guide from the Sane Side of relationships, where I take the mumbo-jumbo out of the metaphysical mix and make it understandable and practical. I am your guide on the SANE side.

  • Highly Respected and Sought After Psychic

    with Eye of Cheryl

    People call me from all over the World! Let us discover the keys to unlocking your Love and living your dream. Anything you can imagine is possible if only you will believe. Call me. Let me give you the power.

  • What Does Your Heart Want to Know? Energy Readings

    with Moonlite Marie

    What's in their heart? I read the energy of a person or situation with just a first name. Have your questions ready when you call. I'm available every day! Moonlite Marie @0392108

  • Clarity Can Be Just A Call Away.

    with ASTROZina

    What Relationship Challenge are you dealing with? In Lover's Limbo? Being manipulated? In a Love Triangle? Let's get to the heart of your concerns. No Pings Please.

  • No Opinions or Assumptions EVER - FACTS -No Tools

    with Gina Marie1

    TESTED:40 yrs as an experienced Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Empath. I specialize in love, dating, marriage and all relationships. I help you achieve your heart's true desires as everyone has true energy.

  • Explore your answers with me- English and Spanish


    My spirit guides and angels will light the unknown in your future bringing love and giving you peace of mind and ultimately an easier, happier, loving and more exciting existence you so deserve.